Ron Mulvihill

Ron Mulvihill

An executive with comprehensive experience in non-profit/for profit administration, Ron Mulvihill is experienced in developing, implementing and revitalizing various housing projects with an eye for innovative housing alternatives. With a proven ability in raising funds through grants, events, multiple sources, donors and investors, Ron is a long time advocate of innovative housing and has been influenced and mentored by pioneers and visionaries in the arenas of building and ending homelessness. As a passionate housing advocate utilizing his communications, PR, multi-media and community organizing skills he has helped implement ‘forward thinking’ and best practice housing strategies for those experiencing homelessness. Ron is the former Housing Director and longtime Board Member of St. Vincent de Paul, Los Angeles, where he co-developed:

  • the Family Housing program (Permanent Supportive and Transitional housing for families)
  • The Prisoner Resettlement Program (transitional housing for paroled lifers)
  • Ventura County Homeless Engagement Team
  • Oxnard Providers Group

As a principal at Housing Innovations and Solutions, Ron’s outreach extends to a varied spectrum of alternative housing solutions. To that end, he has paired with AfterHomes Foundation, a non-profit which creates sustainable, affordable, disaster-proof Concrete Dome Housing and other structures. He has assumed the helm for the Foundation’s campaign to launch a fleet of community-based Mobile Shower Units.

As a current Board Member for AfterHomes Foundation and drawing from his experience as a previous co-chair for the Ventura County Continuum of Care Housing and Services Committee, and the Ventura Social Services Task Force Housing and Shelter Committee, and now as Director of Marketing for AfterHomes Foundation, Ron continues to be an active advocate for the homeless and a community liaison for affordable alternative housing solutions.

Ron has received numerous awards and citations of recognition including Housing Works’Hero Award. In 2016, as a Consultant for the City of Oxnard he authored “Feasible Alternatives to the National Guard Armory Winter Shelter for this Winter and Long Term Solutions Beyond 2016.”–