Mobile Shower Unit

After Homes Foundation is proud to announce its Mobile Shower Project.

As an offshoot to our Mission statement, the foundation will now include a small fleet of Mobile Service Units that will not only provide shower facilities for the unhoused, but the units are complete with a laundry facility to address the hygienic needs of those whom are houseless and living nomadically on our urban streets.  Access to hygiene and basic wholesome care provides dignity to the unhoused individuals that populate a broad expanse of our urban communities.  In addition to hygiene services, the units will also offer one-on-one case outreach consultations via Case Managers assigned to each unit.

1600 sq. ft. House

An AFTER Home has great design flexibility. This 1600 square foot, three bedroom house designed by Doug Stanton was

conceived with a clean, modern feel. The exterior has arches over the doors and windows, which protect the openings from

sun and rain. The interiors are light and airy due to the high ceilings. This is one of many ideas for a single family

home. Other designs are available for larger as well as smaller families, and for greater density (duplexes, triplexes,

and apartment buildings). The architectural style can be varied for particular places and cultures.

AFTER Homes Community Plan

Dome Home Community Plan

AFTER Homes has envisioned neighborhoods and full communities made up of varying combinations of monolithic concrete dome homes, both single family and multifamily, creating a garden community with a central park, community center, recreation center, playing courts and fields, and more localized outdoor play areas, cooking and dining areas, vegetable gardens, and a network of walking paths.  The concept can be transformed for the traditions and aspirations of different cultures throughout the world.

The F5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma in May of 2013

The F5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma in May of 2013 resulted in tragic loss of life and property. Doug Stanton and consulting engineer, Vic Beizai, of Trencode, traveled to Moore in June to meet with home owners and school board members.  AFTER Homes is seeking to be involved in the rebuilding efforts there.  A monolithic concrete dome home or school would have provided many times the resistance to the F5 forces of the Moore tornado.

Letter Regarding Participation in Rebuilding Efforts

2400 square foot three bedroom design

After, homes, 2400 sq. ft., 3 bedroom

This 2400 square foot three bedroom design is made up of three domes, a garage dome, a dome for the kitchen and main living spaces, another for the bedrooms.  This model offers a rectangular design for openings at doors and windows.  Landscaping is an essential component of an AFTER Home.