Mobile Shower Unit

MSU Mobile Shower Unit

After Homes Foundation is proud to announce its Mobile Shower Project. As an offshoot to our Mission statement, the foundation will now include a small fleet of Mobile Service Units that will not only provide shower facilities…

Computer 3D Renderings of 1600 sq. ft. House

Dome Homes

The 1600 square foot three bedroom house


  Jane Samson Web Professional   John Carson Administrator   Hope Smith Teacher   An AFTER Home has great design flexibility. This 1600 square foot, three bedroom house designed by Doug Stanton was conceived with a…

AFTER Homes Designs

After, homes, 2400 sq. ft., 3 bedroom


AFTER Homes Community Plan

Dome Home Community Plan

AFTER Homes has envisioned neighborhoods and full communities made up of varying combinations of monolithic concrete dome homes, both single family and multifamily, creating a garden community with a central park, community center, recreation center, playing…